Friday, July 13, 2007

Upgrade the broadband service

This week on July 10, I was very much interested by Telekom's news release on its plan to return surplus cash to its shareholders as a reward. Oh, what a miss - I banged on my chest for not holding on to the shares.

TM is indeed flush with cash to give hefty rewards. As of March 31, the gigantic TM is high with cash balances of RM2.2 billion.

It is notably pleasing to learn that the giant continues to seek out investment opportunities in Asian region, aiming to grow into a regional player of telecommunication.

Certainly, growth through investment is the objective of all corporations. Rewarding shareholders is to provide return to their investments which is their ultimate aim. In sum, TM is perfectly on the right track.

However, other than investing regionally to enlarge earning base, and rewarding shareholders handsomely, may I humbly suggest to TM to also consider setting aside funds to upgrade the broadband internet services which are presently under fire.

Locally still low in usage, the broadband service is , therefore, a market of immense potentials.

The aspiration of our government is to turn Malaysia into a global ICT hub. The present quality would undermine the government's efforts.

Maybe it is also time for Malaysia to get in foreign players with huge capital to provide broadband services of higher quality.

The picture shows the frontage of TM , Sibu.

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