Saturday, July 14, 2007

Teh Tarik at Cafe Palmelia

Teh tarik or pulled tea is a popular local hot beverage loved by Malaysians and Singaporeans of all walks of life. Usually available only in outdoor stalls or kopitiam, it now quietly creeps its way into the cosy setting of Premier Hotel , making it now more than just a hawker drink.

A de facto national drink of Malaysia, teh tarik is brewed up by using tea and condensed milk. The mixture is then poured from a hand held high into a container held in a hand below. The tea is poured back and forth in this manner to create a thick froth.

It is believed that this brewing method mixes the tea with condensed milk more thoroughly and, in the pulling action, cools down the tea to an optimum temperature for consumption.

Teh tarik in Cafe Palmelia of Premier Hotel is served in a gigantic mug - seriously enough to make you entirely satisfied. Together with it comes a piece of mint-stuffed chocolate to sweeten you up, making your tea time here a lot more enjoyable.

At only RM7.5++ per mug, it is not pricey if you take its quality and the ambience of the coffee-house into consideration.

Come to try it out for yourself - and I am positive that you would agree with me!

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Hock Lai said...


I really miss Teh Tarik so much at Cafe Palmelia.

Hock Lai