Sunday, July 22, 2007

Nasi Goreng - our best seller

When you plan for dining out, and yet not knowing where to go to or what to order for ,
then let me tickle you with our best seller at Cafe Palmelia -nasi goreng .
Nasi goreng or fried rice is a popular menu item easily available in eating - houses in Malaysia. Our recipe is uniquely designed to make the dish a lot more value-added and satisfying. The fried rice comes with vegetable pickles, two sticks of satay (chicken and beef , with peanut sauce) and curry (chicken and potato), and it is topped with fried silver anchovies, one fried egg and a piece of crispy prawn cracker.
It looks tempting and its taste - wow! I can assure you -is simply delicious!
Include it in your next dining-out programme and try out for yourself- you will like it.
The above picture is by courtesy of Peter S.K. Chiew ARPS.

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