Saturday, July 21, 2007

Happy birthday, Allen

Today is Allen's birthday and he is now 15.

Yesterday he came up to me and asked, "Dad, shall we dine out on my birthday tomorrow?" O yes, I instantly gave a greenlight to his wish. His face turned radiant and he told me he looked forward to it.

We went to Happy Sweet Seafood, our favourite eating-house which serves one of the best home-cooked dishes. We let Allen "call the shot" this evening - and he made full use of it by placing orders for his favourites.

The meal was satisfactorily good and my family had a wonderful time together celebrating Allen's birthday.

The picture shows fish bladder soup - succulently good and it has become a must.

Salad king spare-ribs - Allen and Pauline all gave thumbs up to it.
Their signature dish - beancurd with assorted ingredients. We can't afford to miss it!
Lemon chicken - the birthday boy said this was yummy!
Yian ordered sweet and sour fish fillets - it was irresistibily good and we all loved it.

Happy birthday, Allen! With best wishes from granny, dad, mom, Sidney and Pauline.

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