Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Borneo Cultural Festival 2007 - Fascinating Food Fair

Foods are inseparable from culture - in fact they are an integral part of it.

In a multi-cultural event like BCF, without a food fair would make it seriously lacking and dull. The BCF Food Fair has added attraction to the event, making it a lot more fascinating.

All ethnic groups in Sarawak have their individual delicacies and specialties to show off. A rare occasion, indeed, it is that a variety of ethnic foods are here for sampling at prices that are value for money. BCF is, therefore, simply a must for food lovers and gastronomists alike.

If you are fascinated by the Sarawak local cuisine, then the more you have to come to BCF. It promises a unique experience for you to bag and cherish.

The picture shows a Malay stall serving kebab, a mouth-watering Malay food. You have to try it out yourself to know.

Another Malay stall with a live cooking station preparing tumpik on the spot. If you miss the event this year, make sure you plan ahead for the next year's BCF.
Kacang putih was my favourite during my childhood. I bought some to cherish my old time memories.
Sibu Hakka Association's food stall with tempting Hakka foods which you can't afford to miss!
Sibu Teochew Association's uniquely designed stall drew my whole attentiom to it. Teochew foods - have you already tried out? Grab it if you have not!

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