Sunday, July 1, 2007

Borneo Cultural Festival 2007

The curtain of the 8th Borneo Cultural Festival was raised on June 28 amidst a line-up of events taking place in Sibu , making the place bustle with excitement.

Sibu has been blessed with selfless ethnic groups who are more than willing to put hands together for the betterment of the central region. Seeing this as a strong point of Sibu, the Sibu Municipal Council capitalised on it and came out with BCF - a multi-cultural event for both cultural sharing and tourism promotion. That was eight years ago and BCF has since become an annual event.

BCF has done exceedingly well in putting together the local ethnic groups' cultures under the banner of BCF to promote understanding and cultural tolerance. This idea has been receptive to all the ethnic groups thus far.

In 2005, SMC blended BCF with trade fair, making the event even more diverse, albeit with divergence from the orginal objectives.

On local cultural sharing aspect, BCF has certainly delivered the goods. But on the tourism promotion front - how did BCF fare so far?

The above picture shows a live cooking station of Sibu Foochow Association.

I was caught by a melodious hymn even before I stepped into the BCF site- only too surprised to find that it came from the stall of MTS (Methodist Theological School). Located opposite to a few food fair stalls, the MTS stall conveniently balances everybody's needs -whilst the food stalls make available foods to meet bodily nourishment, the MTS stall comes in to offer foods to satisfy spiritual needs. Praise our Lord, MTS is doing a great job.

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