Friday, June 8, 2007

Sibu is transforming

On our Gawai visit to Kg. Tutus on June 1, we had to pass through a long stretch of plantation road. The gravel-surfaced road is solid despite the heavy downpour for the whole of the night before.

The two sides of the road are seemingly with endless rows of oil-palm trees. The green is refreshing and it induces passers-by to nature-loving.

Oil-palm is fast coming up to replace timber as the major economic base of Sibu. We used to have people telling us that they were in timber line. But now the scenario has changed- most of them have crossed over to oil-palm plantation as the timber resources diminish in Sibu.

In other words, we are presently witnessing a transformation of economic base in Sibu-from that of timber to agriculture.

The mushrooming oil-palm estates tell us that the trend for Sibu has more or less been set.

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