Saturday, June 9, 2007

Old classmates' meet over lunch

We met long, long after we left Chung Cheng Secondary School (now called SMK Chung Cheng) this afternoon. From memory, we only had one or two organised get-together, but thereafter, we have not had any proper old classmates' gathering.
Mr. Ting King King provided this wonderful opportunity for us to chat away and cherish the old days' memories- we were being invited to his son's wedding reception lunch at Blue Splendour Restaurant.
When we met up, we had had a lot of expressions of surprise, wonder, admiration, etc. Not surprising because we had been out of touch for so long except for a few..There was a lot to catch up, share with and laugh over the old times.
It was a happy meet over a sumptuous lunch. We all left behind contact for a much-desired future gathering.
(In the group photograph: seating left to right
Hii Leng Ngo, Hii Ai Bing, Ngieng Hung Yien,
Wong Leh Ting, Ting Huong Hee,
Law Siew Kiew
standing left to right
Tiong Toh Chiong, Hii Doh Ming,
Tiang Hua Ung & Mrs, Ting King King & Mrs
Tie King Tai, Chieng Yew Hoon, Lau Sie Guo,
Hii Tiing Khen)

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traveller said...

May I know the origin of Chung Cheng? Is it tied to Chiang Kai Shek? Recently there was big wave in removing everything related to CKS because of its dictatorship in ruling Taiwan.