Monday, June 18, 2007

Eventful June In Sibu

June is a bustling month for Sibu. We are now on countdown to three events, namely Borneo Cultural Festival, 2nd International Borneo Tattoo Convention and 5th Mission Convention of World Federation of Chinese Methodist Churches. These culture and church-related activities contribute spin-off effects to tourism in Sibu, in one way or another.

The 5th Mission Convention, organised by Sarawak Chinese Annual Conference, shall run consecutively for five days from 21st to 25th of June with very compact schedule. It shall gather together a total of 1265 Methodist Church members (from local:648; from outside Sarawak:617).

Aptly dubbed international because it draws in particupants from all over the world: Sabah,West Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan,Hong Kong, Australia, Indonesia, U.S.A., England, Canada, Korea, New Zealand, Phnom Penh, etc.

It is an honour for Sibu to host the mission convention. Held once in every five years, the venue for the event is rotated. So, for Sibu to play host again, by a rough estimate, it has to be something like 30 years later.

I hope they would all leave Sibu with sweet memories!

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