Thursday, May 31, 2007

UMNO quietly making inroad into Sarawak?

In Miri UMNO signplates have been put up at some buildings. Quite a daring move by certain underground leaders (if you wish, you may call them pioneers).

Daring because it is an open challenge to our law and and the PBB (Sarawak-based bumiputra political party). UMNO has not been granted a licence to branch in Sarawak yet, so it is illegal to erect UMNO signboard here. Openly exhibiting Umno signplates is some sort of a blow on PBB since the latter already represents the bumiputra interests in Sarawak.

Is it a show of no confidence or an outburst of dissatisfaction? I think something must be brewing in the state politics.

As it usually goes: if there is no fire, there is no smoke!

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