Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Hot beverage prices to remain in Sibu

The Sibu Coffee Merchant Association has decided to hike only canned drink prices and keep hot beverage prices untouched. This is good news to Sibu folks, especially for those on middle to lower level.

Coffee-shops are almost a daily going for most Sibu people. They chat, gossip and blab over a cup of coffee and a plate of kampua ( a plain Foochow noodle, boiled to cook and mixed with lard, MSG, fried onion and topped with sliced pork).

In short, coffee-shops-going has long become a daily life style for the folks here.

A lot of hot news is spread from coffee-shops. A lot of Sibuyians (Sibu people) go there not to drink coffee, but to get updated news.

Think of Sibu, think of coffee-shops!

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