Friday, May 11, 2012

M3 Residency, KL

Initially this project was known as Plaza Melati Condominium. Later it was renamed as Medan Mega Melati Condo. Now, finally, the developer settles the official project name on M3 Residency. It has been a long wait for the launching, but it pays. M3 is a vibrant integrated commercial development comprising 3-storey shopping mall with 412 units service apartments. The sizes ranging from 806, 925 and 1092 sq. ft. This development is sprawled over 3.14 acres of thriving land with a gross development value of RM260 million. Here you will discover a lifestyle of great convenience with everything under one roof for all. M3 is only approximately 250 meters walking distance from Taman Melati Putra LRT Station.


Tom Watson said...

sambal belacan ala thai...hahahhaa....simple je tp mampu membangkitkan selera kite ble menjamu selera....MZP kalo mkn kn, kalo xde smbal belacn cm xlengkap Chiang Mai

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