Friday, April 20, 2012

Trip To Mukah

The committee members of Sarawak Central Region Hotels Association made a trip to Mukah 0n 11th April to meet up with the members and hoteliers there. The purpose was to have a dialogue, hoping to improve the chesion of the hoteliers.

During the dialogue, Mukah branch committee was elected as follows:

Chairman : Mr. Kho Lian Ann (Royal Inn)
Deputy Chairman : Penghulu Ting Kee Kuan (Royal Inn)
Secretary : Mr. Fraser Ting (Kingwood Hotel Mukah)
Treasurer : Mr. Joseph Yiu (King Inn)
Members : Mr. Chan Hiu Siok (Dalat Inn)
Ms Josephine Ting (Mukah Inn)
Mr. Teo Boon Pek (Wei Ming Hotel)
Mr. Ling How Kong (Mandarin Inn)
Kapitan Kang Boon Eong (Qintai Inn)

Penghulu Ting Kee Kuan hosted a lunch after the dislogue. We gave big thumbs up to Penghulu for the hospitality.

The pictures show the group photo and the newspaper clipping.

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