Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sarawak Central Region Hotel Association's Visit To Kapit

Sarawak Central Region Hotel Association made a trip to Kapit on 10th March to pay visit to the members in Kapit Branch. The chief purpose was to meet up with the members to seek further understanding of the issues confronting the member hotels there.

We set off at 7.30am by an express boat. It was a comfortable trip with the exception that the air-conditioner was too strong.

We had not been to Kapit for years. The progress in this inland town is impressive.

Paul Choo of Kapit Branch arranged us to have dialogue with the members there at Chong Seng Food Court. It was a fruitful session, with issues like fire-fighting facilities, local by-laws, licensing being touched upon.

After the dialogue, we were treated to a lunch with local delights.

The meal was all thumbs up! Paul then took us for a ride around Kapit town areas. The development pace there is quite encouraging.

Before we came back, we stopped at one coffeeshop for some drinks. We spotted some German chairs being used by the coffeeshop. Cerman chairs were common during my childhood days. You hardly find them now!

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