Friday, February 10, 2012

Sibu Taxi Owners Association's Annual Dinner Cum Awards Giving

Sibu Taxi Owners Association held its Annual Dinner Cum Awards Giving on February 10 at 7.00pm at Li Hua Hotel. Premier Hotel was invited to attend.

YB Datuk Tiong Thai King was the Gueast-of-Honour of the function. Mr. Daniel Ngieng, deputy chairman of SMC, represented YB Datuk in his absence. Cr. Robert Lau came as a VIP to give grace to the evening.

In his welcoming address,Mr. Yii Ching Lung, chairman of the association, expressed appreciation to SMC for help in allocating taxi parking bays in the town. He called on the members to work closely and stay united.

Mr. Daniel Ngieng was invited to be on stage to give his keynote address. He touched on the present political realities in Malaysia. On the two-front system hotly pursued by a lot of Malaysians, he cited the example of India to elaborate his views.

The offspring of some taxi owners received awards for excelling in STPM, SPM, PMR and UPSR. It was certainly a proud moment for them.

Some taxi drivers are surprisingly talented in singing. When the time came for karaoke session, they went on stage to entertain the audience with their beautiful singing.

An evening like this would be lacking without some lucky draws. The draws gave exciting moments to the audience, making the annual dinner a lot more interesting.

Li Hua Hotel served nice foods and we all had had a good time.


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always feel proud of these taxi ah peh