Sunday, February 19, 2012

Premier Staff Recreational Club - Birthday Lunch

Premier Staff Recreational Club (covering Premier Hotel, Premier Departme4ntal Store, King's Trioplex and Sarawak House Sdn. Bhd.) held a birthday lunch on 18th February for those staff members whose birthdays fall in January and February. Altogether more than 35 staff members turned up for the gathering, including our MD Michael Wee.

The club used to give birthday cakes on its members' birthdays. Recently the committee decided to go for a change. Instead of quietly getting a cake on birthdays, the members would be grouped together for a lunch in the month of their birthdays. The intention is to make it more interesting.

The organisers prepared a cake for all of us to sing and cut. Thereafter, the birthday buffet lunch was called to start. It was a sumptuous 5-course buffet to feast the birthday members.

It was such a joy that we could have the birthday lunch together in this manner.



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This is to make working life more interesting!