Monday, January 16, 2012

Lunar New Year Couplets To Usher In Year of Dragon

Wong Memg Lei of The Methodist Church invited Ting Hua Hu, a well-known calligrapher in Sibu, to stroke with his brush beautiful couplets with biblical touch for Year of Dragon.

The couplets are meant for pasting vertically on the two sides of the main door. It is a Chinese tradition which we still value.

The tea gang members individually contributed a token to The Methodist Message for the couplets to be taken home.

Let's make it a yearly event!

Picture (1) shows the tea gang members holding up the couplets. In the centre is Ting Hua Hu.

Picture (2) shows Ting Hua Hu putting down strokes on my piece of couplet. Looking on are Meng Lei, Shirley and me.

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