Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Our Visit To MAF of Jai Eng Methodist Church At Sibu Jaya - Part 1/2

MAF of Sibu East District made a point of visiting Jai Eng MAF at the beginning of the year and we did it on the evening of October 26.

Located at Sibu Jaya which is about 30 km away from Sibu town, the church is quite a distance away. But we took with joy to serve Lord in this manner!

The visitation was tightly programmed. We left at 5:30pm and on the way to Sibu Jaya, we made a detour to Charles Ling & Annie Yii's place for a dinner meet. This was at Annie's invitation to join her family celebrating her birthday which fell on that day.

We arrived at Annie's residence at 6:00pm. Along with us was a cake to wish her "happy birthday". It was a warm gathering with lots of fun and laughters. After cake-cutting, we settled down for a quick dinner at the car porch. It was a delicious homecooked meal. We were made to understand that Charles was the cook of the delicacies. We all gave him big thumbs up!

We moved on after a fulfilling meal.

We took a group photo after cake-cutting. Seating 3rd and 4th from right are Charles and Annie.

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