Thursday, August 26, 2010

Premier Hotel , Sibu - Booking Goes Online Now!

Premier Hotel has just launched online booking. With this, booking for rooms is just a click away now!

Simply log in to make your desired reservation!


Anonymous said...

I think you should join one of the main international hotel chains. If not, the people may not know that there is a Premier Hotel in the first place. This is the same for RH, etc., because you all existed as an isolated hotel.

nelson said...

congratulations for the online bookings. i think shops in sarawak need to emphasize more on e-business and e-banking. i bought books from mph online, laptops from dell and also booked hotels in kl via the net too. it's so easy and convenient. even paying bills or putting fixed deposits are done online nowadays.

Anonymous said...

Your hotel is one of the fav ones among government servants because of its' reasonable rates and in the centre of town. Bigger travel websites have all the major hotels in Sibu. Yours is one. Sometimes the booking from overseas may not come through. Like in Grand Magarita Kuching or Holiday Inn formerly known, this white person made internet booking but on arrival, no reservation in the computer system. So no good since Malaysia wants to woo rich tourists from New Zealand and the world to come here and all the rich people know their rights and all that. No good for public relations.

ghebrial said...

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viji said...

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