Friday, July 9, 2010

MAF of Tian En Methodist Church

MAF of Sibu East District visited MAF of Tian En Methodist Church this evening. The church is located at the upper Lanang Road. Tian En Methodist Church literally means Church of Heavenly Grace. I like this name very much.

I have been to this fellowship several times. I remember way back in 2004, I was invited to the fellowship's gathering to give a talk on economic outlook. The global oil market then was about to start superbull run. At the conclusion, I told the fellowshippers to watch out for the long-term rise in international oil price. During Q & A, one of them rose to ask me," Does it help to know about this projected bullish trend?" Well asked! If this brother had taken my advice (to watch out closrely the oil price trend), he would have profited handsomely from commodity trusts and stocks!

The programme for this evening's gathering was a talk given by Rev. Paw Kiew Sieng on understanding Islam. I truly benefited from this informative talk.

After the fellowship session, we posed for a group photo before we proceeded to a tea reception.

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