Sunday, July 18, 2010

Borneo Cultural Festival 2010 - Part 1

Chinese Cultural Stage - It is almost the centre of attraction with non-stop shows going on to entertain the visitors.

Colouring Contest - It provides the young talents a chance to show off.

Hakka Food Stall - Never miss it if you drop by!

Kebab - This is a must for visitors.

BCF kicked off last Friday on July 16 and it is going to last for ten days to close on July 25. This cultural extravaganza is an attraction to Sibu folks for a simple reason that it provides all the local touch and feeling. I like it also.

But BCF has some more way to go before it can reach out to the outsiders, particularly the foreign tourists. Since tourism has been identified as one aspect that Sibu may go for, BCF has to work a lot harder in promoting the Little Foochow.

I popped in tonight for a tour of the venue where BCF is being held. Probably I need more than one post to blog about BCF. If you have not been here yet, don't let it slip by.

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Sarawakiana@2 said...

More like a food fair at its best...but then it is a good beginning.

May be "Borneo" is too big a title. People may expect more!!