Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Stephen Tong's Evangelistic Rally In Sibu (唐崇栄萬人佈道會) - Part 22

The evangelistic rally went into its second night tonight. The organiser arranged a Q&A session starting at 6:00pm prior to the gospel rally proper. The session ran for exactly 90 minutes. Rev. Dr. Stephen Tong handled all the questions impressively well, in his usual straight-to-the-point and bible-based style.
Rev. Dr. Stephen Tong's preaching centred on faith and salvation. "Your acts do not save you. Salvation comes to you only by your faith in God through Christ Jesus," he told the congregation.
The word of God through Rev. Dr. Stephen Tong together with the work of Holy Spirit again moved participants to commit their lives to God.
Towards the end when the speaker started calling those committed to Jesus Christ to move forward, light drizzle started to fall. It turned heavier in a short while. Praise Lord for the perfect timing of rain.
At 5:00pm, it was upsetting to see gloom gathering over Sibu sky. I prayed with Yian before we left for Sibu Town square, asking God to dispel the dark clouds. Praise Lord for His work!
See you tomorrow at Sibu Town Square for the final session of the evangelistic rally!


Anonymous said...

Hi i am Su. I am from Sibu but currently i am not in Sibu so i could not attend Stephen Tong's Evangelistic Rally in Sibu. I really wish that i could be there.
I knew that you have taken some notes of the talk on "The Investments of Satan and The Collapse of Christians". Do you mind sharing with me? And i am interested in the songs sang during the rally, do you know the name of the songs or do you have the chords for the songs?

My email add is flying4book@yahoo.com.my

Anonymous said...

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