Saturday, May 1, 2010

SAGA & Toastmasters - Inter-Schol Public Speaking Speech Contest 2010

SAGA, Swan City Toastmasters Club and Toastmasters Club Sibu jointly organised "Inter-School Public Speaking Speech Contest 2010" this afternoon at Wei Kuok Hall.

This was the first of its kind by SAGA and the two English-speaking Toastmasters clubs in Sibu. SAGA chairman Temenggong Vincent Lau in his opening address said," This joint effort augurs well and I hope to see more to come!'

The speech contest aimed at providing a platform for secondary school students to learn from each other through contest. With this, the organisers hoped to raise the local standard of students in public speaking.

I noted that most of the participants exhibited pretty high standard of public speaking in English. I was deeply impressed!

I hope SAGA would continue to take initiative to organise English-orientated activities.

Hurray, SAGA & Toastmasters clubs!

After opening, we posed for a group photo. Front row from R to L: Dr. Clement Chen, Miss Wong Toh Hee, Miss Alice Lau, Temenggong Vincent Lau, Dr. Hu Chang Hock, me.

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Anonymous said...

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