Sunday, May 30, 2010

MAF of Shuan Eng Methodist Church

Dr. Wong Lien Ang led his group in a mute-act to get rounds of laughters from the audience. Topic of the mute-act is 雞飛狗跳!

Our visitation this evening (29th May, 2010) took us to MAF of Shuan Eng Methodist Church. The fellowship gathering was scheduled to start at 7:30pm. We arrived early to get ourselves more prepared.
The venue of the fellowship gathering is located on the top floor of the four-storeyed church building. The hall is a comfortable and pleasant place for worship. The church sets a unique rule to require everybody to go bare-footed upon entering the hall. Gee, it works - I noted that the place is really neat and clean.
The programme of the evening was TOP study. Rev. Tong Chu Yung shared on baptism from biblical points. Rev. Tong took my memories back to my days at Yung Nang Methodist Church when I was active in MYF of Yung Nang Methodist Church. I remember him as a good pastor. After teaching, Rev. Tong asked for excuse to leave early as he had to join MYF & MYAF of the church in a trip by coach to Kuching for a retreat.
Part of the programme was ice-breaker. It simply worked this way: The fellowshippers were divided up into 4 groups. Each group was required to send a representative to present mute act based on a given topic. His/her group would be given first to make a guess of the act, failing
which opportunity would be thrown open to the other groups. Group 4 ended up the winner and the reward was a surprise: The whole group was asked to mute-act again to entertain the audience.
We were treated to some refreshments after the gathering. Thereafter, we posed for a group photo for record.
The second photo shows the group posing for a group photo. Seating in the centre is 湯祖勇師母.

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