Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Towards A Better Sibu - From UCS To KLT

UCS (United College Sarawak) went into history two days ago. In its place now is KLT (Kolej Laila Taib). It was a take-over deal with Yayasan Sarawak ending up to be the owner now.

Much has been said about the exercise by the various sectors in Sibu. My only concern is: Is it going to benefit Sibu?

That calls for some deeper analysis. But right now, I have seen a ray of hope coming out from KLT.

Let us stay open-minded!


Photo: Wong Meng Lei


Anonymous said...

No shame! A total mis-management of the College. Shouldn’t this group of people come out, bow 90 degrees and explain to the society on what has happened? Did they betray the donours and more importantly the promise to the society?

If you own a company, can you simply change the name without the consensus of the share holders? It all implied that this College has been owned by a person. Take off your hat and the whole group of people should leave the College.

Who in the Chinese society will continue to trust them? They must be having good drama to show.

Anonymous said...

UCS - 10 Questions for SUPP to Answer

The United College of Sarawak (UCS) has its name changed to Laila College yesterday. A grand ceremony was held at the College to mark the change where all the good words were said about the late Laila, wife of Taib Mahmud, the Chief Minister of Sarawak. The Chief Minister was also there.

Why the name change? Will Laila College become a university in 2012 as promised by the SUPP? Or, will the promise be another cloud at the edge of the skies, as had been the SUPP’s promise for TAR College in 1996 and 2008 and the promise of University of South Australia (UNISa) in Sibu in 2001?

The SUPP leaders in Sibu, led by the paramount leader of the self proclaimed Wawasan Team, Wong Soon Koh, must answer all pertinent questions relating to UCS, TAR College in Bintangor and UNISa in Sibu.

On behalf of DAP Sarawak, I challenge Wong Soon Koh to a public debate on these pertinent questions relating to UCS, TAR College in Bintangor and UNISa in Sibu, including the following 10 questions.

1. Leaders of SUPP Sibu branch said that the United College of Sarawak (UCS) was a private college and it has nothing to do with the SUPP.

The claim shocked the whole Chinese society in Sarawak, in particular, in Sibu. SUPP members were in total disbelief and were in anguish too.

When Dr. Wong Soon Kai was the Party President, UCS was one of the 5 pilot projects and SUPP planned to make the Rahman College in Sarawak. SUPP in many General/State Elections had glorified UCS as its beacon of its achievements. How could it now turn around and say UCS has nothing to do with SUPP?

2. If SUPP and UCS really are unrelated, when was the relationship severed? Why was the relationship severed?

3. Under the UCS hierarchy, there was a Board of Management comprising Tan Sri Dr. Chan Hong Nam, Datuk David Teng Lung Chi, Senator Datuk Sim Kheng Hui, Datuk Alfred Yap and Datuk Lee Kim Shin. Was the Board of Management consulted before UCS was disposed for RM1.00 to the Sarawak Foundation?

4. Was the disposal of UCS to the Sarawak Foundation being deliberated and approved in the CWC and the CC meetings of SUPP? Does SUPP Sibu branch have the authority to sell UCS?

5. Leaders of SUPP Sibu branch told the press that the major donors agreed upon the deal. A lot people are asking whether there are other donors. Are these smaller donors agreeable to and being consulted before the disposal of UCS?

6. Before the disposal of UCS, who were the shareholders and the members of Board of Directors of UCS?

7. Datuk Robert Lau Hui Chiew said UCS’s net worth was about RM30 million. Please tell us the details of the assets of UCS that were valued at RM30 million. If UCS was worth RM30 million, then why was it disposed for RM1?

8. If UCS was disposed of at RM1, does it mean that the accumulated loss exceeded RM30 million? If not, why sell it off at RM1 only?

9. The SUPP Sibu branch at one occasion said that UCS since 1997 had produced 3500 graduates but yesterday it was announced that the figure was 6300. What was the correct number? A very simple arithmetic question! The SUPP leadership should not inflate the numbers.

10. The UCS has its name changed to Laila College. Has the SUPP ever given a thought to change the UCS name to Kolej Ong Kee Hui or Kolej Stephen Yong or Kolej Wong Soon Kai to honour these SUPP past Presidents? Datuk Patinggi Dr. Wong Soon Kai is from Sibu, has served Sibu 43 years and an outstanding surgeon. Why the SUPP Sibu branch did not propose to name the college as Dr. Wong Soon Kai College?

Wong Ho Leng
DAP Sarawak Chairman

Daniel said...

I honestly think that Wong Ho Leng should look himself in the mirror first before issuing the challenge for a debate.The mirror tells it all...

Anonymous said...






Anonymous said...

Looks like someone owns a big part of this college's shares and someone will reap a lot of the monetary harvest from the students' fees. There are incidences whereby it is the greedy people who benefit from this education business which target on desperate students.

Anonymous said...

What is this S.U.C. Consortium Sdn. Bhd.?

'All payments by cheques should be made payable to S.U.C. Consortium Sdn. Bhd.'

KKTing said...

I don't care about the politics behind all these. I am a diploma graduate of UCS. I must say that it is the worst decision that I have made in my life. The diploma does not equip the students with any competitiveness in their respective field at all. In the end we have to relied hugely on our own effort to make up the weakness of it. I do not know how UCS has progress since the day I left it, but I must say at that moment the quality of education is far from being good. Unless the management identify where are their weaknesses and explain how they are going to rectify the situation, I cannot see why people can ever entrust the education of their children to this institution even if they change the name.

As an alumni I wish to see concrete plan of improvement, not mere repackaging!


Anonymous said...

Wah Lah Wei...

What a STUPID decision by Yayasan Sarawak to take KLT management. It's just wasting Money man..