Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Star Is Coming In A Big Way

The Star is making inroad into Sarawak to make it nearer to be truly a national paper! My understanding is that the daily started test printing from 1st of March in Kuching. The Sarawak edition will be launched on 8th of March for the locals to "get more, get it early for much less", as the slogan suggests.

In 80s when The Star was still a little tabloid, it invited our Bapa Malaysia, the late Tunku Abdul Rahman, to write a twice-weekly clumn on hot, hot issues. Tunku (a popular way to call Bapa Malaysia in Chinese community) was pretty critical of Dr. M. The Star's invitation came at a right time when Tunku's views were subject to heavy censorship in local dailies. A column in The Star gave Tunku a place to air his views freely. Tunku's column was fast getting popular, drawing thousands and thousands of readers to the daily. The Star later overtook The New Straits Times to be the nation's top English daily.

All the best to The Star Sarawak Edition.

Photo: Steve Ling

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