Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Service In Memory of Mdm. Wu Bao Di

Mdm. Wu Bao Di (in pinyin) was called by Lord to rest in heaven last Saturday. I learned about it from the obituary message in See Hua Daily News on Sunday morning. Then in a short e-mail, Dr. Dennis Ngien informed me of the sad news of his mom's demise.

The family of the late Mdm. Wu Bao Di held a memorial service this morning (10th March) at Zion Methodist Church in loving memory of their beloved one.

It was a near-full Zion Methodist Church despite the drizzle.

In his sermon, Rev. Liik Tung Yeu likened life to a race. "You need to persist in Lord to win the race," Rev. Liik told the congregation.

Dr. Dennis Ngien represented his family to testify the greatness of the love of his mom. The sharing was touching and it almost wetted my eyes. Dr. Dennis Ngien's testimony left ample space for us to give deep thinking to.

The memorial service concluded with a benediction by Rev. Liik and thereafter a group photo shooting at the entrance of the church.
Photos: Ting Leng Kieh

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Anonymous said...

My heartfelt condolence to Dr. Dennis Ngien ,his brother and sister for the demise of their beloved mother recently.

Tu Hock Lai
Khabarovsk, Russia