Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A Heartwarming Visit To Camp By Sing Hong

Allen was posted to Similajau Camp to undergo a three-month national service (NS) starting from January 4 this year.

The NS was a rich experience for Allen. Before departure, we prayed to God to guide Allen through his NS life. Throughout the course of the NS, Allen topped on the list of our daily prayers. Praise Lord for listening to us!

Allen shared with us that he and his buddies were very much touched by a surprise visit by Sing Hung, a Form 5 classmate of Allen. Sing Hung was not selected for NS. One Saturday he travelled all the way to Kem PLKN Similajau, Bintulu to visit the buddies to boost their morale. The visit gave them all the warmth they needed.

The picture shows them posing for a group photo. L to R: Sing Hong, Joo Yew, Willis, Allen, Hua Joung.


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Anonymous said...

Not all the people who have gone into NS know the real meaning of it all. They are only there for fun. Some after the training learn nothing. They still practise silent discrimination. They still do not know how to respect. This NS programme is a waste of time and money. Kids are good because their parents teach them to be good. Kids who are bad no matter how many times they go to NS will forever remain bad.