Saturday, March 27, 2010

Bursa Malaysia Hots Up!

Bursa Malaysia is hotting up! Yesterday's trading closed with a volume of 1.2 billion shares. That is a good indication of heightened trading heat.

Next week appears to be exciting, if you are in the market.

CENTURY, KINSTEL, KNM, PERWAJA and ANNJOO-WB are some of the interesting picks for some attention.

Have a nice weekend!


Anonymous said...

so what. investment performance measured in ringgit is just an illusion, especially measured in its purchasing power. just a reminder, the index was at this level in 1993, and now 17 years later, it is still at this level. But majority of those component stocks in 1993 have already disappeared.

Tony Hii said...

That makes it the more we have to make investments wisely to combat the diminishing purchasing power of our ringgit to preserve our wealth value.

You have got a good sharing.