Monday, February 22, 2010

MAF of The Masland Methodist Church - Lunar New Year Visit

It was an occasion of thunderous laughters, good foods and lots of sharing. You had missed it if you were not there!

Lunar New Year Visit is a Chinese tradition. It fits pretty well into the Malaysian spirit of Open House.

MAF of The Masland Methodist Church set out to Lunar New Year Visits on February 22 at 7:00 pm. We gathered first at Lu Ming & Leh Ping's residence for a round of snacks, delicacies and endless chatting away.

Leh Ping's culinary skills are always a thumb-up. She whetted our appetite with her delectable dishes. There was a call to put aside calory-counting for the time being.

Rev. Wong Koi Fo, our pastor-in-charge, and his family took their time off to be with us for the evening of visit. It was a wonderful time to unwind ourselves when we gathered together like a family.

Before we proceeded to dip our fingers into the foods, Rev. Wong led us to give thanks to our God. The food session was a great time for us to tickle our taste buds.

After that, we moved on to Siew Ching (Ah Jing) & Ah Chie's place for a second show. Our group jammed the house so much so that I was almost immovable.

Ah Chie's pastry skills are renowned. When we took a look at the wide spread of her luscious cakes, we couldn't help making wow! wow! wow! The temptation took us to a great time of sampling them.

We captured this memorable moment with a few snapshots. Daniel Chiew voluntarily offered to take for us with his sophisticated camera. By the way, Daniel is a popular "Menteri" in the blogsphere.

Ah Huat & Kung Yeoh's house is just a stone-throw distance away from Ah Jing's. We moved over to Ah Huat's place for the third leg of our visit.

Ah Huat served us with refreshing lime juice and aromatic Chinese tea. We had had a heartwarming visit at Ah Huat & Kung Yeoh's residence.

A wide spread of luscious cakes to sweeten the evening.

Stewed Chicken Feet

Deep-fried Chicken Wings
Chicken Curry
Pig Leg in Herbs
Roasted Pork or Cha Siew
Too good to hold back!

Beef cooked in Malay style
Sweet & Sour Fish Fillets

Pastor Ting Ee Ling, our past pastor, set her evening aside to be with us for the visits.
We posed for a group photo in Lu Ming's house.
We jammed into Ah Jing's living room for a photo shooting.
Photos: Daniel Chiew


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Sarawakiana@2 said...

Wow Wow Wow!!!!!
Good that you people had a wonderful time visiting......
(Visitation is important during early Christian Time).

Good food! Thanks for the photos. Yeah..I have missed something.

Mee Ling said...


Anonymous said...

Better to become a member of your church. Who is that hot lady ! ?