Monday, February 15, 2010

Chu Yi, St. Valentine's Day, My Birthday

Chu Yi is the first day of Chinese New Year. This year it coincided with St. Valentine's Day. And my birthday happened to fall on this day also.
It was a trio occasion for me.
When I cut the Oreo Cheesecake made by Yian, I thanked God for the joyous birthday celebration.
My message to Yian on St. Valentine's Day - You are my love!


Bengbeng said...

Happy birthday Tony

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Happy Birthday.....

P/s. You were born First Day of Chinese New Year or Feb 14th?

My mother still believes in celebrating her birthday by the Lunar Calendar!

Tony Hii said...

CY, good question. On Chu Yi. I have been celebrating my birthday by the Lunar Calendar.

Toh Chee Leong's Collections said...

Wah! sangat istimewalah. 3 dalam 1.

Belated of happy birthday wishes.

Selamat Hari Kekasih( Valentine Day ),

Selamat Tahun Baru ( Chinese New Year )&

Selamat Hari Jadi (Happy Birthday) ke berapa?...

Semoga Tuhan memberi tuan murah rezeki, sihat dan cinta kasih sayang sejati sepanjang zaman hendaknya.

May God Bless You and Family.

"Happy Chinese New Year" & "Gong Xi Fa Chai"

Tony Hii said...

Chee Leong, thank you for your greetings. Happy New Year to you and your family.