Monday, January 4, 2010

Sibu In The Blue Ocean - Part 47

Capability (5) "A Conducive Place for Talents to Flourish"

Is Sibu already a conducive place for talents to flourish? Tan Kee Hian listed the following thought-provoking points for Sibuians to have some brainstorming:

1. Home-grown Sarawakians, Malaysians and foreigners

-Attract them to stay back or come here

2. Free and easy to do business

-Is Sibu already providing a free and easy environment to do business?

3. Convenient and easy to live

4. Dynamic socio-political environment and civil society

5. Tolerance for diverse personalities and preferences

-(Within certain limits)

6. Supportive business eco-system

7. Respect/appreciate knowledge, thinking and creativity

8. Fair reward for knowledge and value

The photo shows the squatter area at Upper Lanang 30 years ago. The site was later developed into a residential area known as Pulau Li Hua. Photo: Philip Hii

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Anonymous said...

Foochow and Allah

In Foochow dialect, when we are surprised by some unfortunate happenings, we express shock by saying ‘alah…’ sounds like ‘how come?’ I put down one l in order to differentiate it from the God with ll. But I am not sure if such expression could be related to God when we express that we are shocked.