Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A New Year Cake For The Star

I handed over this house-made cake to Philip Hii to convey our greetings to The Star.

Philip just joined the nation's largest English daily as a journalist. He is to be based in Sibu.

As there is no bureau yet for Sibu, so I had to ask Philip to personally pick up the cake from Premier Hotel.

According to my understanding, The Star's local edition shall be launched in March. This is going to send a new wave of excitement to the readers here.

We look forward to receiving the birth of the edition.


Anonymous said...

Huge corruption money is one of the causes of inflation in a small state like Sarawak. Many are living in artificial atmospheric wealth. Why should a local YB seek medical treatment in London? And bring the whole family too for a one month stay for instance? That's money going out....and someone else is paying for it...also...savings are being reduced to because prices of things are too high...markup due to special tax so that politicians can spend more?????

kau peh

Philip said...

Thanks for the very nice cake, Tony.