Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Sibu In The Blue Ocean - Part 24

Tan Kee Hian based his vision for arts and crafts in Sibu on the following:

1. Make Arts and Crafts Cluster a recognised industry cluster:
-It is co-located
-With multiple arts and crafts sub-sector
-Critical mass of players in each sub-sector
-Commonalities shared interests across the cluster
2. Anchor companies in sub-sectors with large-scale operations which are supported by network of smaller entities.
3. With full industry ecosystem supporting cluster:
-Marketing, promotion, R&D, financing, business support

Photo: Terrence Tan of MPI


Sarawakiana@2 said...

We need leading artists (dance - instruments - painting - crafts_ to come forward to conduct on going workshops for both local and international audiences/groups.
A centre must be provided - it does not have to be a multi billion dollar building.
What about starting with a digital camera workshop for the disabled? For the unemployed?
What about an on-going sculpture course ..
Sibu already has good dance troupes and that is a good start.
I think a good partnership-initiative formed between painters and the corporate bodies can bring about a good production of mutli racial paintings which can travel overseas for exhibitions. This will also bring Sarawak on to the world map of paintings.

Marketing is quite challenging because of language barriers. But I am sure we can over come such barriers if we have the will to learn.

No harm brainstorming and getting people to participate.

Judy said...

Chang yi.
We have many members of the Senior Citizen Fellowship people who are keen in life-long learning. They are even talking about 'Luok-ling-Da-Shieh'.Talks are going on as to how MPI can help them get started by providing a place for them to conduct short courses like caligraphy, photography,painting etc.
This will also be in line with our attempts to create awareness and provide activites for "Active Aging" to quote Kee Hian.
There are many retired govt servants,professionals and others who can contribute much if given encouragement and the avenues to do so.
We all know that for many it's just to early to retire at 56 or even at 58.
I like your idea of having a digital camera workshop.
I would say a simple cmoputer course is a pre-requisite so that they can enjoy downloading the photos and creating albums and websites and many other kinds of storage. See!,I need lessons on that to be more computer literate.
Let's keep sharing and dreaming cos
DREAMS DO COME TRUE even at old age.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Wonderful. I like the idea of the Lok Ling Ta Hsieh...

I have taught a special class of Email for Seniors...and it was a wonderful experience. Now many of them are able to go any where and almost any time and email anywhere. However for me - a pre-requisite - English...

thanks for sharing.

Let's have more to come and share!! Use B.M. or Bahasa Iban or even Bahasa Cina which I think Tony's blog can support.

Tony Hii said...

sarawakiana, Judy, let us make it a multilingual sharing.

Changyi has been contributing thought-provoking ideas for Sibu.

Anonymous said...

If you take a look at Los Angeles - Jakarta - Bali- some of the Indian cities - arts and craft villages have become quite upbeat and bring much for the country...but down side though - drug addicts hang there too.

May be Sibu people different. But must have the artists....Where are they? Too many people know how to make money lah...art is a commitment to talents..re: Obama and Art Peace Corps. ????

I paint from my house - paints - 200 ringgit - time taken 3 days. frame = 150 ..and friend want to bargain down to 250 ringgit for my painting (5x3)...ai yo....

I need a wife who can feed me.

Poor Bachelor Artist Gong bun boh yong.

Anonymous said...

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