Sunday, December 20, 2009

Ecumenical Christmas Carolling - Joy To The World The Lord Has Come!

" Joy To The World The Lord Has Come!" -The contingent of The Masland Methodist Church sang out loud, giving warmth and bringing joy to the onlookers. Photo: Daniel Chiew

Rev Kong Chon Lin, the pastor-in-charge of The Masland Methodist Church carolled along the street. On his side is Ah Chan. Photo : Daniel Chiew

The float of The Masland Methodist Church is a replica of the newly extended sanctuary. Leading the float is the stout Lien Yung. Photo: Daniel Chiew

It was a fascinating scene at Sibu Town Square last night where glittering lights,, contingents of God-loving Christians and Christmas melody filled up the whole of the place, making the atmosphere heartwarming.
A glance at the fleet of the floats lining up for procession would take you by surprise at the innovation in each and every decoration and the theme chosen to live out message of Bible. The brightly lit floats were simply engrossing to look at.
The whole of Sibu Town Square was a piece of perfect painting, portraying the love of God to the world in sending Jesus Christ to be our only saviour.
As the contingents carolled along the streets, the air was filled with Christmas hymns. All the brothers and sisters sang out loud to proclaim the birth of our Lord Christ Jesus who came to save us. When the 4,000-member carolling teams processed around the town, they filled up the atmosphere with festive joy.
Thousands of spectators and onlookers thronged along the roadsides to share the joy of the birth of Jesus Christ and witness the love of God.
A light drizzle fell half way through. The contingents moved on with strength and faith despite the drizzling conditions. Praise Lord for that!
Ecumenical Christmas Carolling is an annual event in Sibu. The objective is to make proclamation to the world that Jesus Christ was born to be our only saviour.
Sibu is unique to have been organising this carolling event by churches of different denominations. Ecumenical Christmas Carolling can be promoted as a tourist attraction!

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Great Christmas themed t-shire and a marvellous parade!!