Saturday, October 17, 2009

A Visit By MAF of Xin Fu Yuan Methodist Church

The singspiration time.
A lively dance presentation given by MAF of Xin Fu Yuan Methodist Church.

It was such a lovely swaying.......

Dr. Alan Kok spoke on the modern diseases.
The talk was engrossing.
Morris Hii seemed to have a point to make.

A memento for Dr. Alan Kok.

A souvenir from MAF of Xin Fu Yuan Methodist Church.

A powerpoint presentation by the visitors.

MAF of Xin Fu Yuan Methodist Church came visiting us (MAF of The Masland Methodist Church) yesterday and joined us in our fellowship gathering. It was a heartwarming time and in a brotherly atmosphere that we worshipped God together.
The adult fellowshippers of Xin Fu Yuan Methodist Church are a lively group. They brought with them a dance item and a powerpoint presentation for sharing with us. It was thoughtful of them to present themselves in this manner.
The programme for this evening's gathering was a medical talk given by our guest speaker Dr. Alan Kok Kim Hing, a locally renowned Chinese physician. The speaker enlightened us on the six major modern illnesses encroaching us daily.
Dr. Alan Kok spoke with eloquence and clarity. His good sense of humour sent the audience to burst into rounds of laughters. As a whole, the talk was beneficial and educational.
We ended the gathering with a tea reception which was also time for mingling around.
The last photo shows the tea reception time.
Photos: Daniel Chew

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