Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Henry Ting Chi Gick & Fong Chaan Lan Tied The Knot

A rousing welcome to the two.
A group photo of Ting's family.

We joined the bride and groom for a shot.

It came the champagne time.

It was time to give a toast. 5th and 6th from left are Sing Kwong (Yian's second elder brother) and Mrs.

It was a big day for Ting's family!

Henry Ting, a nephew of Yian, chose to tie the knot with Fong Chaan Lan on October 3 (or the 15th day of the eighth month of Lunar Calendar). The day was auspicious and the wedding was solemn. As they walked the red-carpeted aisle, we shared their happiness.
Henry and Fong beamed day-long on their great day. Their wedding brought all the relatives for a gather-together at the wedding lunch reception. It was heartwarming and joyous to chat away, mingling to warm up during that two-hour banquet.
Let's give them our best wishes!
The last photo shows Sing Seng (Yian's third elder brother) and Sing King (Yian's younger sister) on the stage giving a wonderful duet. They presented a popular Taiwanese number "酒 国 英 雄“。



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