Friday, September 11, 2009

Pavilion KL

I took one morning off shopping around when I was in KL visiting FHM 2009 from 12th to 14th of August.
I popped in Pavilion and made a round. I had long-envied to come to see the interiors. When the project was under construction, the developers came to Sibu and used Premier Hotel to promote their serviced suites.
Pavilion is a posh shopping mall with magnificent interiors. Perhaps it was still too early in the morning at the time of my visit, the whole place seemed quiet.
I love the ambience there. It really made shopping a pleasure.
On the basement, I dropped in Old Town Kopitiam for a kopi-o. When I asked for a picture to be taken, I was declined.


Nelson said...

you got to try J-Co. Donuts in pavilion!

Anonymous said...

heard about pavilion but never been there.