Saturday, September 5, 2009

MAF of Peace Methodist Church - 7Th Anniversary Thanksgiving Celebrations

With one heart, they joined hands to cut the birthday cake as the congregation clapped their hands and sang into the air "Happy Birthday". 5th and 6th from left are Lau Kung kiong (chairman of MAF of Peace Methodist church) and Rev Lee. Photo: Leng kieh
A song-dance presentation by the MAF. Photo: Leng Kieh

A memento from MAF of Sibu East District to MAF of Peace Methodist Church. Receiving the memento from me is Lau Kung Kiong. Photo: Leng Kieh

MAF of Sibu East District partook of the joy of the occasion when we were on our visitation to the fellowship this evening.

MAF of Peace Methodist Church at Jalan Apollo gave thanks to God in a humble way this evening on the occasion of the 7th anniversary of the formation of the fellowship.

The moment we stepped in the sanctuary, we were overwhelmed by the jovial atmosphere prevailing all over. The hall was touched up with moderate decorations to liven up the celebrations. As a whole, the ambience was pretty heartwarming.

The programme for the evening was smooth-running. Every presentation engrossed me, making the evening fruitful to me. From woman group to MJYF, all brothers and sisters put in tremendous efforts to give praise to God in their shows.

Rev Lee brought thought-provoking message. " You need to make three changes: Firstly, soften your heart and surrender to Lord; secondly, reform yourself for better, and thirdly, innovate to improve efficiency," Rev Lee called on the congregation.

The 7th Anniversary Thanksgiving Celebrations ended with serving of light refreshments and taking of group photos.

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