Sunday, August 2, 2009

MAF of Sibu East District - A Visitation Of MAF Of Sing Ang Tong Methodist Church

MAF of Sibu East District embarked on a visitation trip again on August 1 (Saturday) - this time to MAF of Sing Ang Tong Methodist Church.

When I fixed up the date of visit with Thomas Tieng, he told me that the programme of the evening was movie-viewing. It sounded enticing and exciting!

Entitled "Facing The Giants", the two-hour-long show was spiritually motivating. The story told of how vital our commitment to the faith in God would be in our strive towards our goals. Truly, as Metthew 6:25-34 tells us, with God all things are possible.

"Facing The Giants" was pretty touching, making me pause for several times in the course of watching to relate the plot to my own faith in God.

After the fellowship gathering, we posed for a group photo.

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