Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Sibu "Buy Malaysian" Trade Exposition - Photos, Photos & Photos

Philip Hii was an official photographer of the expo. I bumped into him with his sophisticated camera at the opening ceremony, moving around snapping pictures. I got hold of the opportunity to ask Philip for some of the expo photos which he generously agreed.

The picture shows Sibu Trade & Exhibition Centre.

Dato Sri Wong Soon Koh was cinvited to officiate the opening of the expo. He made a round after the ceremony.

Dato Sri sampled it with his bare fingers.

Dato Sri was in full attention.

Some live chicks as a give-away for promotion purpose.

Furniture section.

National motorcycles.

All the home-made on display in support of the expo.

They did their part to promote the national products.

A give-away scene.

Proton Saga is on full swing to drive up the sales.

The students showed off the chicks.

Colouring contest in progress.

The stage shows added life to the expo. The local gals did remarkably well.
Thank you, Philip, for the photos!

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