Sunday, July 12, 2009

BCF 2009 - The Grand Finale

A magnificent scene of the fireworks. Photo by Ah Chiong.
Sibu Teochew Association made it available for the first time in Sibu this Taiwanese specialty "fried oyster cake" to tickle the taste buds of Sibu food lovers.

The fireworks lit up the whole of the sky of Sibu last night. It was such a breathtaking scene that it mesmerized all those present at the Sibu Town Square.

It was simply a fascination! The colourful fireworks brought BCF 2009 to a grand finale. When Sibuians bade farewell to this cultural event, they had in their hearts much to look forward to BCF 2010 in terms of cultural and tourism promotions.

A postmortem on BCF should particularly focus on fixing its date early enough for foreign tourists to plan their trips, and launching a more extensive publicity to create greater awareness.

As the sky sank into darkness after the glamorous fireworks, greater hope glowed in Sibuians of an improved BCF in the year to come!

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