Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The 9Th Methodist Convention - "Spreading Scriptural Holiness, Transforming The Nation" (Talk 2) - Part 3

Bishop Rev Dr. Hwa Yong provoked the thinking of the audience by making a call on them,"Don't sit on the fence! Don't worship two Gods."

"Is the church now sitting on the fence?" Bishop put it to the church members.

Moving on from there, Bishop stressed that there must be revival in the church first before it can transform the nation.

Did Methodistism transform England in 18th century? Was John Wesley actually used by God to transform the nation?

Marxist and secular historians generally sought to play down John Wesley's contribution. But others argued that John Wesley and the 18th century Revival played a significant role.

Bishop went on to point out that discipline and transformation actually lifted the power up in the society then. He called the church revival in England a bloodless reform by John Wesley.

The picture shows Johnny Tang & Mrs sharing a song of praise at one of the sessions during the convention. Picture:

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