Saturday, June 27, 2009

Sibu "Buy Malaysian" Trade Exposition

Soon after the eruption of the financial tsunami in September last year, the whole world was dragged into recession. Besides all the rescue packages, most of the nations (notably U.S.A. and China) mooted a nationalistic move by calling on their people to "buy national" to help their countries to get out of the prolonged slowdown. A lot of economists are getting worried that if the campaign gets out of hand, it might turn into an ugly protectionism which would be worrisome for the global trade.

Malaysia was fast to join in. The Sibu "Buy Malaysian" Trade Exposition is currently held at Sibu Trade & Exhibition Centre by Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs to create awareness among Sibuians. The Expo is on for a duration of three days (June 26-28) with a total of 100 participants.

Premier Hotel supported the move by taking part under the banner of MAH (Malaysian Association of Hotels). The picture shows our graphic personnal decorating the booth.

The grand stage where the atmosphere of the expo is going to be livened up throughout the period.

Annie Kong and Annie Lau of Premier Hotel have been assigned to attend to the booth.

Our national car maker Proton Saga took the centre stage of the expo.

The whole ambience is pretty conducive to trade expo.

Some last-minute touching up here and there.

The opening ceremony of Sibu "Buy Malaysian" Trade Expo was officiated by Dato ri Wong Soon Koh, the Second Finance Minister and Minister of Environment and Public Health.

Some photographers in Sibu also took up a booth to promote their works. I joined them for a snapshot.

Ah Chiong's Follow Me is not left out in the expo.

All the invited guests to the grand opening ceremony received an elegantly wrapped gift.

The participating hotels' representatives joined in for a group photo.

From left to right: me, Annie Lau, Annie Kong (Premier Hotel), Jimmy Ngan (Tanahmas Hotel), Jenny Liew (on the extreme right, Paramount Hotel).

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