Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The 9Th Methodist Convention - The Future Of sarawak From A Christian Perspective - Part 13

What does future hold for the people of Sarawak? This burning question keeps Sarawakians in suspense, wondering what is lying in front of this Eastern State.

Brother Kee Hian, with his extensive global exposure, is sharp in looking at issues facing us.

"The natural resources are going to continue to drive Sarawak's overall economic growth,"Kee hian said.

But, he cautioned, the continued growth at the historical pace is far from assured.

In the opinion of Tan Kee Hian, the masses (Sarawakians) are likely to remain short-changed, meaning what they are in receipt falls short of what they deserve. The so-called short-changing arises as a result of the continuing absence of fundamental changes in key areas like governance, values, drawing a clear line on the truths, rights and wrongs, and these include: 1. Sub-optimal economic outcome; 2. Inadequate local employment opportunities; 3. Inadequate wealth distribution; 4. Lagging infrastructure and social developments, and 5. Damage to environment.

Sarawakians are trapped in the so-called comfort zone. The mindset of "business-as-usual" persists and it is deep-rooted. This "biasa lah" attitude is very comfortable for the "ruling" class (people in positions of power, influence and wealth).

Touching on the transformation of the present modus operandi, Brother Kee Hian said it will happen only if : 1. There is recognition of need for change by key stakeholders; 2. We step up empowerment of drivers of change, and 3. There are new transformation champions/agents stepping forward.
The picture shows a bridge cross Lobaan River under construction. A tense public outcry erupted over the height of the bridge which, in the opinion of Sibuians, is like a blockage in a passageway. Photo: Steve Ling

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