Monday, June 22, 2009

The 9Th Methodist Convention - The Future Of Sarawak From A Christian Perspective - Part 11

Brother Tan Kee Hian drew up a checklist on the future of Sarawak. He specifically highlighted five aspects which, in his opinion, are the key drivers of Sarawak's future growth.

The five key drivers are natural resources, leadership and governance, economic development strategy and policy, social development-strategy & policy, and execution-policy and services delivery.

Of the five, only natural resources and economic development strategy & policy are rated positive. The remaining three are in the red with negative ratings.

The above simply implies that the state is blessed with rich natural resources, but due to poor governance and execution, the economic outlook is much less promising.
The picture shows Rev Kong Chong Ling leading an intercession. Photo: Meng Lei

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