Saturday, June 6, 2009

The 9Th Methodist Convention - The Future Of Sarawak From A Christian Perspective - Part 2

Before Kee Hian went into the core of the topic, he attributed the outbreak of the existing global economic crisis to a serious build-up of hidden dangers and excesses. The past decade saw a period of high growth and prosperity around the world and the adjustment of the imbalances therefrom is now painfully felt. Kee Hian quoted "Global Crisis Through A Spiritual Lens", saying we can't solve global crisis unless we solve the spiritual matters.

Kee Hian then made a reference to mission schools, pointing out that it is a commitment to truth that makes the schools different from the others. The point here is that christians can exert an influence on the world through building on the christian values.

Sarawak is blessed with abundant resources ranging from oil, gas to vast lands. These are assets of the dear Sarawakians and rightly are for their benefits.

With the resources in abundance, Sarawak is potential players in petrochemical industry and knowledge-based advanced agriculture. Kee Hian quoted the Netherlands, Abu Dabai and Singapore as places with resounding success in petrochemical developments. Just take a look at the Netherlands and Singapore which are all non-oil producers and yet they managed to build up downstream industries in oil and gas with pride.

Certainly we have to input a lot of innovative thinking, proper planning and superior execution for the success stories in Singapore and the Netherlands to happen in Sarawak. Simply put, things are always made to happen. Is Sarawak commited towards achieving a higher status in these downstream industries?

Similarly, our hydroelectrical power and forest products are economically potential for Sarawak. Kee Hian was not short of figures and cases of success.

With scientific research, Sarawak's land resources make commercially-driven large scale aquaculture and horticulture viable. Have a look at Thailand and Taiwan and you will agree that it is not impossible for Sarawak to shine in agriculture.

Tourism is another potential outlook for Sarawak. But Sarawak should aim for mass-scale tourism for it to turn into a flourishing trade. Ecotourism is noble, but it can't generate revenue sizeable enough for the industry to be a notable contributor.
Photo: Wong Meng Lei

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