Friday, May 1, 2009

Zion Methodist Church - Family Day Cum Fund-Raising Sales

Zion Methodist Church at Rajang Park, Sibu. The wear and tear has given rise to a roof - leaking phobia lately. As such, the church initiated a fund-raising activity to help finance a much-needed touch-up work. Photo: Wong Meng Lei.
An amusement stall where children tried out their skills to fish.

I spotted Chiong Ming the very first moment I stepped in the premises. His home-grown vegetables were an attraction.

Ngu, my ex-colleague, set up a face deco stall to draw the youngsters to his side.

Face Deco - I just realised that I had much to catch up with the modern trends!

The DJs were there to make the event more lively. When I called them for a photoshooting, the guy nearest to me (in white coat) almost wanted to shy away.

The ice-cream business was brisk. Let's forget about all the calories first anf go for it!

Bonnie headed the BB stall. Her beaming face brightened up the day!

You have got to hurry - our pastries are selling out fast!

Today is Labour Day and it is a rest day worldwide. But Zion Methodist Church planned it out for some meaningful activities for the church.
I came to learn that it has become a tradition for the church to organise church family day on the first of May to group the church members, young and old, together for a close interaction. This year, they came in with a difference - they chipped in some sales with the objective to raise funds for touching up the leaking roof.
I popped over for a brief visit this morning, hoping to open my eyes to some innovative ideas of the church members.
As a whole, the scale of the sales was moderate. But there was a strong touch of homeliness, making the event pretty heart-warming.
Stalls were aplenty. From home-grown vegetables to dumplings, the family day really catered for all ages. The youngsters were not missed out. The Face Deco was eye-catching. From faraway, I was drawn to the stall to take a closer look. Ngu, my ex-colleague, was there managing the stall. The meet was a surprise. Ngu, a graphic artist by profession, told me that skin deco is the latest fashion hotly popular among the youths. Goodness, I really have a lot to catch up with the modern trends.
Then I spotted Bonnie manning the BB stall. Jovial as ever, Bonnie called in the co-workers for a wonderful group shot. Cheers!
Chiong Ming was one of the first ones I saw from faraway when I stepped in the premises. He ran a vegetable stall and his selling point was that the produce was home-grown. Chiong Ming tagged it "perfectly safe for consumption". I gave him a thumb up.
It was an enlightening visit. Allow me to feedback that the event would have been more interesting and exciting if some live cooking stations could be added in to tickle the taste buds of the food lovers.

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