Monday, May 4, 2009

MAF Of The Masland Methodist Church - Well Treated To Goodies

MAF of The Masland Methodist Church held its second committee meeting this year this evening in the grand Hoover Memorial Building. We praised Lord for the posh environment which testified fully the love of our almighty God!

Our sisters have never failed to let meeting go without goodies to tickle our taste buds. At times, they really taxed our imagination on what to expect during the sessions.

It was wholly a surprise when they served chendol with pangang this evening. The warm weather these days made the iced chendol such a welcome break item for us.

We posed for a group photo after our meeting with Rev kong Chon Lin ( fifth from left, seating), Mr. Hii Ching Chiong (sixth from left, seating. Mr. Hii is Lay Leader, SCAC) and Mr. Hii Ching Giu (seventh from left, seating).

Thank you, brother Daniel Chiew, for your excellent photo.

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