Friday, May 8, 2009

MAF Of The Masland Methodist Church - Parents' Night

Sunday School's children gave a dance presentation to add fun to the evening.
Rev. Ting Huat Ung gave a topical talk on filial affection.

The look-alike contest in progress - Ah Chan gave a gruelling time to all the participants.

It had got to be over something amusing.

Quiz time - Ah Chan wouldn't let the kid go off easily.

The most look-alike fathers and sons.

The judges had a mind-boggling time.

The look-alike contest for mothers and daughters.

She was too carried away!

The most look-alike mother and daughter.

Thank you, Rev. Ting Huat Ung, for your wonderful service.

Let's work together even harder!

Morris beamed when he received a gift from Nee Meng Choon.

We presented a song item.

Parents' Night would not have been complete without some home-cooked delicacies.

It was such a heartwarming fellowship gathering with all the elders joining us for the parents' night.
Traditionally May is a month filled with filial affection. MAF of The Masland Methodist gathered this evening to celebrate the grand occasion.
Filial affection was the theme of the night and it was pretty well touched on by Rev. Ting Huat Ung, our guest speaker.
To make the evening more lively, some fun-filled look-alike contests were chipped in.
Parents' Night was brought to a conclusion with some mouth-watering home-cooked delicacies.
Honestly, the fellowship gathering couldn't have been better!
Daniel Chiew snapped some wonderful shots of the occasion. I asked for his permission to use the photos for my post. Thank you, brother, for your generosity.
Rev. Kong Chon Lin was seen with the group during the supper time.

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